Saturday, 31 December 2011

here 2012 come !

happy new year for all readers .
hope this year will be the best year than the last year :)
okay. today i am no longer 19 y/o but i am 20 .
it mean im suppose to think about MARRY >
hubby hans , i nak kawen ngn u .
hikhik .
okay enough ! for this year i wanna be the best person among the best.
azam list: u know what i want this year ?

-of kos the first is DEAN LIST for this sem !

-hope i am healthy and away from all desease.

-anak yang baik,adik yang baik,akak yang baik, and gf yang baik buat hubby hans :)
-Tanak cakap ada pelat2 lagi because im not 19 anymor.
-nak improvekan lagi english language alynn.
-nak blajar sampai boleh cakap mandarin macam SIR BOK my lect :)
-n lastly alynn nak lebih bertanggungjawap,setia,ceria selalu and lebih caring untuk sidia,

and hopefully ALLAH will bless me and I know Allah is merciful, forgiving, most compassionate and protector. I start off 2012 with hope and begging for the Mercy of Allah.
lindungi aku dan keluarga aku serta kau panjangkan lah jodoh aku  NOR ASLINDA with dia HANIF SULAIMAN.

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